Saturday, February 22, 2014

First spring road ride?

Nice roads, nice scenery, and as little wet road as possible?

Our first road ride of the year is usually some variation on this ride in southwest Quebec's Chateauguay Valley.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring, knocking on the door

Spring is coming. Today we got a taste of non-subzero temperatures. +4 is warm!

I took my mom on a scenic car drive today following the route of my favorite Chateauguay Valley bike ride. The roads were good but occasionally the road had a ripple. On the biggest ripple of the ride my mom exclaimed "That was a bump and a half."

Riding dry roads through snowy fields is highly scenic. The forest without leaves on the trees becomes transparent and new vistas are revealed.

Wear some wool and have good outer layers and you will not be cold. Be prepared to adjust for warmer/colder. If you need some of the "colder" clothing, right now outdoor sports stores are selling winter clothing and underwear (excuse me, base layer) on sale. cross-country ski clothing works great for cold weather cycling.
Roads in the Chateauguay Valley south and west of Ormstown are generally dry early in the season. So maybe I'll go back tomorrow with my bike? More like Sunday because tomorrow I'd like to ski/snowshoe  because winter is ending soon. Nooooo!  More winter please.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

our fave bike trainer workout

Here's a great bike trainer workout, I think it is the best one.This tunes your legs to spin. The basic idea is spin at high rpm for increasing duration of time over 7 intervals.
A normal cadence is 80-100 rpm. A sprint cadence is more. The ability to spin at high RPM makes spinning at regular cadence easier, and smoother.
If you don’t have a way to measure cadence rpm, just consider pedaling really, really fast.
Fast music really helps the brain to tell the legs to go fast!  

High-RPM cadence Interval workout

(do not go at cardio maximum/overload, this is not a cardio workout)
warm up 5-10 minutes
Set bike resistance level so you can spin 110-120 rpm without too much/too little resistance
0:30 - 110-120 RPM
    0:60 - recuperation
1:00 - 110-120 RPM
    0:60 - recuperation
1:30 - 110-120 RPM
    0:60 - recuperation
2:00 - 110-120 RPM
    0:60 - recuperation
2:30 - 110-120 RPM
    0:60 - recuperation
3:00 - 110-120 RPM
    0:60 - recuperation
3:30 - 110-120 RPM
recuperation 5-10 minutes

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

white light at the front, red light at the back

Saw it again tonight. Cyclist with a white light on the back of his bike.

Wrong answer!

White light at the front of your bike.

Red light on the back of your bike.

Now enjoy your ride on the clue train.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NOW is spring tune-up time

We are getting our spring maintenance done now, before winter so when spring arrives there will be no nagging maintenance issues that will bring us down from the happy spring sunshine and dry roads euphoria mental state.

For me this is bearings and some back wheel maintenance and in some cases, replacement because we are in the husky dude club. This club eats rear wheels. 

And don't forget to bring your bike inside for the winter, because spending the winter outside is very, very bad for bikes.

As for where to keep your bike in the winter, we'd like to thank Jim for letting us keep some bikes in his basement. Thanks dude, you're the best!

Friday, November 15, 2013

not dead, just lazy

But not too lazy to write 140 characters on Twitter, 1229 times.

Or you could click on a summer month of any of many years past for tons of good riding and good reading. (That's over on the right side of the page)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Riviere Chateauguay river/valley rides - the two basic routes

Here are the two basic Chateauguay Valley bike rides we do the most often. Numerous variations of starting point and road-selection are possible to make about ten different rides.

Did you know that Chateauguay Valley rides start a mere 50 km from Montreal?

A couple of side-by-side favorite rides


Ormstown > Powerscourt > Rockburn  > Dewittville

The first is the Ormstown-Powerscourt-Rockburn ride with the indescribably excellent First Concession and Rockburn Side Road sections. We especially like doing this late in the day, so a noon start is no problem!

Howick > Covey Hill > Havelock

Our second ride is a bit longer and goes up Covey hill. You can turn around at Franklin and repeat the route for an out and back ride, or take the quick way home.

There is a lot of new asphalt on this ride. A cyclists dream ride!

Both of these rides totally rock from the border back north to the start. Downhill is good hill.

We confess that we call these two rides Highly Excellent. This is no B.S.