Friday, June 23, 2006

regendered my racing bike into a climber

My road racing bike was suffering from poor climbinh cuz of a a 22 cog freewheel, I changed that to a 28, added a wide range ultegra rear defailleur and finished off with a new chain. Since I wanted a clean bike I got a bottle of dry lube to keep things slippery. I then cleaned up the chainrings and put everything together. Now it rocks on the uphill! WIth the old setup I couldn't even use the 22 low gear cuz my derailleur was pranged and hit spokes on that gear. So I was climbing in 39/19!
So I paid my money at ABC cycle and went home and did the overhaul, soon it was complete and I was ready for a test ride.
I decided to test it with a ride up cam houde, Peel, and the Mount Royal Cemetary Mont Murry switchbacks (steepest hill in Montreal). Result: Total climbing success! Woohoo!
Next up: a crack-of-noon day trip to a hilly ride in the Lanaudiere, starting at Saint Jean de Matha. Birthplace of Circus Strongman, Louis Cyr.


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