Friday, June 23, 2006

Worst ride ever

Ok, not ever, just this millenium.

I wanted to do the ride in the circuit routiere Monteregie guide (fold out map guide to road circuits in the monteregie) and the one for "circuit des patriots" along the richelieu river north of chambly directed me to stop in Saint Julie. This was ok, then I had to take a road 50 feet from the autoroute for 5 miles. A busy unscenic road. A road in bad shape.

Psst Psst Psst. Flat tire. I patched it. I rode on. Soon it was flat again. I put on a permanent patch but it wasn't holding air so I changed the tube, and discovered I was carrying a 26x1.25 tube not a 700x21 tube. Ouch, but I got it changed and rode back to the car since I had no flat fixing back up having used my spare tube and only permanent patch.

The next day I changed my drivetrain (derailleur/freewheel/chain and decided to see about tightening my rear axle because it seemed suddenly loose. Loose it wasn't. Broken it was!
Lucky I had a spare rear wheel and I rebuilt the bike with that wheel.

So it was a bad karma ride.

I figure Saint Julie was only on the map cuz some politico said we put money in the map, put us on a bike route. Saint julie was like the apple stem on an apple, you had to take this little extension to the route cuz you are told to park in saint julie. They need a better road to connect to the actual circuit if they hope to be in next year's map, and I can going to complain until it happens!


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