Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lanaudiere hill ride v2.0

I went back to St-Jean de Matha for another excellent day of lanaudiere hills. I did the same circuit as before (st-J-de-M to Lac Maskinonge (near Saint gabriel) -> st-Emileie de L'energie, chemin feuille d'erable to St-J-de-M. but near the end I took a side road (at dep Lau-Den (which has an air hose!) to Ste-Beatrix called chemin belle montagne (beautiful mountain road!). It was so good that I took it back from Saint Beatrix too. The alternative was 10 direct Km of highway, so going back via belle montage was a good choice. This was an "experimental route" and it worked amazing.

I explored the Saint Emilie de L'Energie sawmill museum/tourist centre. It had benches tables and rapids outside. Inside there was a nice model of the old sawmill. The dirt road section between Saint Damien and Saint Emilie was much worse than before. Loose sand and gravel road. It's only a mile, but it could be paved, and it would be an amazing ride 100%, bit this dirt section really sux. You really appreciate the asphalt when it arrives back under your wheels.

Chemin Feuille Erable was just as good as before, but there were a few repair spots to watch out for. After the top comes a fast rolling section, then another little steep climb and then it's downhill for a long time, and a great time!


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