Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rented a Tandem bike

Rented a tandem and rode south through plateau to Bibliotheque nationale on Berri bike path, then to old port and bassin bonsecour for a break. Rode over to Atwater market for lunch. Back to Old port and I took one of the Ferries. I took the Ferry from old port (jacques Cartier pier) to Ile Saint Helene. We rode to western tip of island and back via gargantual sculpture "Man" (L'Homme") by Alexander Calder. Then it was past the aquatic pools (and through the fountain!), and into the giant geodesic dome where we checked out the "biosphere" water and saint laurence river museum. Then it was over to Ile Notre Dame for a one lap of the circuit gille villenuve F1 race track. From here got onto Pont Jacques Cartier and stopped at Parc Lafontaine for butt relief management, then home. A great ride that got a fast rider and a slow rider to ride together at the same speed. It was a longer and happier ride than anticipated. A very nice tour. A couple little hills.


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