Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Saint Donat - Tremblant road - 50km version

Last time I rode this great all-newly-built 32km mountain-crossing road I went all the way to the end, and then some! This time I brought a buddy on a bad bike and we rode only 26 km out and then took a break and returned.

We stopped where the far-side descent occurs, and had lunch on top of the rocks with the big view of tremblant mtns, and this is specifically at the top of the big steep road cut, sort of easily identified by the large lunch rock on the left side (looking west) when the big descent starts down to val de lac/lac superior.

This spot is one of a few places along this amazing new road that would benefit greatly from having a picnic table placed there for rest breaks.

The weather was great, 25 C, and we had a great sunset sitting at the beach at the Parc Pioneer park in Saint Donat (not far from tourist info office). At the tourist info office I got a hand-drawn map of the new road.

I love summer.


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