Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The end of the road

Sometimes you ride, and aren't sure where to go. Today we go to the end of the road.

Quebec is big. Really big. The Route 138 covers almost all of it. It starts in Trout River, on the New York State border with the USA. But where is the end of the road? Does it end somewhere? It does, but the end has moved again.

It starts south of the Saint Laurence. But then it crosses the river in Montreal. From Montreal it follows the north shore of the Saint Laurence River past Trois Rivieres, Past Quebec, past Taddosac, past Baie Comeau, Past Sept Isles, Past Havre St-Pierre, all the way to the end at Natashquan.

But that end has moved again. Premier Jean Patapouf Charest has announced:

un investissement de 100 millions de dollars pour prolonger la route 138. L'argent de Québec permettra de construire en 10 ans un tronçon de 425 kilomètres de Kegaska à Vieux-Fort. La nouvelle route désenclavera une quinzaine de petits villages où vivent environ 6000 personnes.
One day it will reach Labrador and then, soon, maybe in my lifetime I can ride all the way to a short ferry ride to Newfoundland along the north SHore of the Saint Laurence. (This avoids the long route through the Maritimes)

Oh, and now the bad news: Jean Charest also mentioned the importance of damming the rivière la Romaine for 1500 megawatts of electrical energy. No mention was made of the importance of energy conservation.

Go North Shore!


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