Friday, August 18, 2006

A few Mont Royal climbs

I did a few Mont Royal climbs this week.

Westmount - Clark Street
The WALL of Montreal. No street is steeper and go so directly straight up as Clark street north of Sherbrooke, ride it and weep.
  • Click here for Clark Street uphill video

  • Westmount: Aberdeen
    These upper switchbacks are the finest switchbacks in town, short and steep, and they come out on the summit circle and it's scenic lookout.

    Westmount - the Mount Pleasant switchbacks
    If the "Wall" of Clark Street isn't your cup of tea, then the alternative a few streets east is the long switchbacks of Mount Pleasant, wonderful climbing in anyones books, and not a secret, judging by the number of bikes to be seen on it. There are a couple of good routes to continue up to the summit above "the boulevard" including the secret staircase of Trafalgar (yes you have to carry your bike). Look for another post soon on "the secret stairs of Montreal, an exhaustive list, a Cycle Fun Montreal exclusive.

    University de Montreal - Queen Mary entrance
    This steep climb is finally free of building construction and access restrictions. It goes up and up, and past tons of new pomo buildings. At the top it goes down to the main entrance of the university, another fine and excellent climbing opportunity.

    Mount Royal Cemetary (from Outremont/Mont Royal avenue)
    Follow the green line from the main entrance to climb through this spectacularly scenic and pretty cemetary and exit on Camelien Houde at the entrance to Mont Royal Park. Although I traveled across the cemetary, an other option is to turn right at the entrance and climb Mount Murray (the outremont summit of Mt Royal) which is steep, so steep I've seen people fall over! A note: This area is private property so show respect and remember: NO OFF ROAD CYCLING IS PERMITTED HERE.
  • Click here for Mont Murray climb video

  • Outremont - anywhere above Cote Sainte Catherine Road
    There are numerous fun steep climbs above Cote Saint Catherine road in between Mt Royal Avenue (east end) to Universite de Montreal's Cepsum at the west side. A series of fun climbs in one of montreals most exclusive neighbourhoods. Excellent hills!

    Cote de Neige hill from downtown
    Cote de Neige hill from downtown (Sherbrooke street) is a great climb, and the top has fresh pavement!

    Olmstead road - from Parc Avenue to the Mont Royal Chalet lookout
    The gentle climb. Starting at the big statue on Parc Avenue, ride the dirt road uphill for a long gentle steady climb, along downtown, past beaver Lake, and to the amazing downtown lookout at the Mont Royal Chalet. the destination is perhaps Montreal's best tourist destination, for anyone from here or away. Breathtakingly amazing, and on a clear day, you can see mountains that are 100 miles away in Vermont!


    At 7:54 AM, Blogger wxduff said...

    What about Voie Camillien Houde itself? I watched the race last year and will be there this year. Is it usually open to bike traffic?

    At 9:05 AM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

    yes, the Camillien Houde climb is a public street, and it has been recently repaved too.


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