Friday, August 18, 2006

italian design show at montreal fine arts museum

I visited the Italian design show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts this week.

I had a good time, but a few word for the curators, it seemed that as we got closer to the present day, the content of the show got more and more like a shop for rich businessmen's wives, oops, I mean "collectors" and that the notion of design got forgotten in their breathless desire that postmodern is the best thing in the universe, when I (and who knows better than the "I") know it's just an in-joke on humanity by creatively bankrupt artists, oops, I mean "ARTISTS" and designers and architects. Provocateurs, surely. Credible? Hardly.

And for the record, where is an italian design show that features industrial design without displaying the breathtaking 1980s Campagnolo C-Record gruppo? (You had hoped for some bicycle-related content I hope?)


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