Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Bike Path for the Mercier Bridge

If you are wondering when the Pont Mercier Bridge is getting a bike path to replace the extremely dangerous sidewalk, it's in the next two years. Major repair work has been announced for the Pont Mercier bridge and a bike path is part of the plan.

Évalués à 100 millions, les travaux devraient se terminer à l'automne 2009. Le tablier du pont et les structures d'acier seront réparés, et une piste cyclable sera ajoutée.
I did not make this up! Click here for the link

This will open the south shore and the Chateauguay valley and the Mohawk city of Kahnawake to the list of possible cycling destinations for montreal cyclists. The Mercier Bridge is located very close to the western side of the Lachine Canal.

This is big news.

Here is video of biking the existing Mercier Bridge unprotected and scary sidewalk.

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At 12:29 PM, Blogger Kristofor Jensen said...

I'm so excited for the path...I live in Chateauguay and would really like the option to ride a bike...

Any idea if there will be upgrades to the paths on each side of the river?


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