Thursday, October 05, 2006

cold weather gear

I've accumulated a lot of cold weather riding gear for cycling in the cooler months. Here's some of the things I still use for riding in the cold and dark.

* - things I wore today

Real cycling gear
neoprene booties *
light tights (LG)
heavy tights (lemond)
arm warmers
helmet cover (for rain, very sweaty!)
mec cycling jacket *
north face cycling jacket (from the 80s!)
Windstopper cycling jacket (from france, only a t-shirt underneath needed for -10C!!)
full finger cycling gloves, (work to a surprisingly low temperature)
Wool long-sleeved jerseys (I use the synthetics in layers way more than these jerseys)
Cycling vest with mesh back

Non-Cycling gear
neoprene sox (rarely used)
Stretch capilene patagucci long johns
MEC quick dry pants with knit ankle cuff *
assorted zip-t inner mid layers
V-shaped velcro neck gaitor *
assorted fleece headbands *
thin liner gloves inside cycling gloves
x-c ski gloves *
assorted mitts
lightweight polypro tuque (really useful and versatile and missing since saturday)
cotton balls in my ears

And don't forget your reflective ankle straps, they work really well to improve your visibility to cars. Lights help too.

It's getting colder outside, but it's not cold yet. I comfortable cycle to -10C.

Get out and ride!


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