Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Quebec.& the Northeast US cycling guidebook

Randonees de reve
(Dream Tours)
Les Guides Velo mag (2nd Edition - 2006)

Quebec-Ontario-Nouveau Brunswick-Maine-Vermont-New York-New Hampshire

This guidebook provided detailed descriptions, route instructions, maps, and altitude graphs for 12 medium length rides in the above regions. All the rides start in Quebec, and several tours cross the US border to pass through the beautiful mountain areas of the northeast states.

The guidebook is oganized by length of rides. Ride lengths are:
2 days
Eastern Ontario
Cantons de l'Est
Cantons de l'Est again
Laurentides again
3 days
Quebec-New York-Vermont
4 days
New England (maine, vermont, new hampshire
5 days
5 or 6 days in paradise, I mean Vermont
7 days
Lower St-Laurent (incl New Brunswick)

...and cover a really big area of Quebec and the northeast. There are options to do shorter of fewer day versions of the tours. It's very a useful and versatile guide, that will inspire me to ride more in more places. Some of the two day rides can also be done in one day, and many sections can be done in a one day out and back or a modified loop ride.

I like this guidebook and will probably buy it. It is also in some Montreal public libraries.

Oh, by the way, it's in French.

Circuitas de


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