Saturday, April 21, 2007

A few thoughts on Runners on the piste cyclable

Caution: attitude & "studipidity" follow, it's best to just not read this post!

Sometimes the piste cyclable is all there is—it’s the general purpose recreational path, so runners, cyclists, etc all share the path. This is ok, and it is part of the design of the path.

Other times, the bike path is installed NEXT TO THE SIDEWALK. And still runners choose to use the bike path for running.

Stupidity - the most common disease.

I conversed with a runner yesterday, and after I explained that the piste cyclable is for bicycles travelling at faster speeds than pedestrians and runners and slower than cars, and that this piste cyclable, located right beside the sidewalk, is for bikes. And could he please get of the piste cyclable and on to the sidewalk.

His response, ""I'll thnk about it."

Actually what he meant was "F*** you I ain't gonna move cuz I'm dumber than a ton of bricks. He was running frontwards, backwards, and sideways, running swinging his arms all about to get a good workout, and making himself a HUGE bike path danger.

His response to my gentle request to remove himself from the bike path? "I'll think about it." He didn't seem to have enough brain cells active enough to think about too much, is my opinion.

So, now that he is informed, is he stupid? Or Evil. It’s one of the two.

I know some cyclists are quite passive aggressive nasty, and they will ride as close to these idiot runners (note: not all cyclists, just the evil ones)

and I was concerned with his safety, and the safety of the hundred cyclists that are forced into the oncoming traffic lane to pass this doofus.

"I'll think about it." He means this is all the power he has, to F*** up cyclists, and he's going to use it.

I'll think about it."

I'll think about calling the cops, but of course, cycling safety is a one-week-a-year activity for local police.


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