Sunday, April 22, 2007

St-Donat to Lac Superieur "Chemin Cycliste"

Saturday was the beginning of summer.

It might not look like that from the photo!

Yes, the thermometer rose into the happy zone where warm temperatures meant shorts and short sleeves are finally possible, after 6 months of winter.

This road is freshly constructed this century. It has the perfect pavement, wide paved shoulders, and plenty of hills to make any cyclist very happy.

It is about 40 km between St-Donat (park at tennis courts) and Lac Superieur (depaneur for snacks). That makes an 80 km day, a nice distance, about two hours in each direction.

On the westward direction there is a magnificent rest stop on top of the rocks about 35 km from the start. Here are great views towards park and Mont Tremblant. And a great lunch rock to sit on, while watching other cyclists come up this steep hill.

In case you think it's too hard for you, I passed a proudly pregnant woman enjoying herself and happily "riding for two."

On the map this ride is the blue (purple?) dots.


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