Thursday, May 17, 2007

400 km of new Montreal bike paths?

The mayor has announced a new transportation master plan for Montreal, which will include 400 km of new bicycle paths. This claim will double the amount of existing bicycle paths.
Ambitious but feasible, Montréal's first transportation plan is intended to serve as the backbone of economic and social development for the metropolis. These 21 projects include the creation of a tramway within the heart of the city, increased comfort and speed of public transit services, an eastern extension of the metro, the creation of 400 km of bike baths (doubling the size of the existing network) as well as the implementation of quartier verts, which are designed to improve the quality of life of citizens in different neighbourhoods. "Active and collective transportation will begin to offer advantages over the car," said André Lavallée. The transportation plan will, outside of these 21 projects, include a set of mid- and long-term initiatives.
I guess dirty bikes are a problem, but that's a lot of bike baths. OK, let's assume, for a moment, that they meant bike paths, and no one looked beyond the spell checker to make sure the correct words were chosen, and not just the wrong word was spelled correctly. (Do anglophones work for the city of, excuse me, Ville de Montreal? Highly unlikely!)

That's a lot of new bike paths. Can we see a map please?

Oh, maybe in June...

We're ready now. Remember us? The people, the citizens? We who pay the government's bills? Let's repeat: We're ready, NOW.

Transparent government? It would be a refreshing change.


I have tried, all weekend, to get the plan de transport document from the ville de Montreal website. But all weekend, the servers at ville de Montreal have been returning this helpful message:


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