Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Apple blossom ride

There are several parts of the local "Monteregie" region that are known for fields of apple trees. Covey hill is one such place.

The upcoming holiday weekend (dollard day/Victoria Day) should see the peak of apple blossom activity.

This is an incredible visual experience. Do not miss it!

A great ride would be Hemmingford to Franklin/Rockburn along the US/Canada Border on the first concession road. Another good ride would be Ormstown - Covey Hill - Rockburn - Dewittville - Ormstown.

Here is the map of the 80 km/three hour ride I did last weekend. This goes through much of the good apple tree area.

Key Directions (not guaranteed accurate)
201 south from IGA in Ormstown
500 m turn left - east - on isabelle,
100 metres - turn south on Jamestown rd,
left on Tullochgorum (east) to Bryson, left/south along the Rock,
all the way and around the corner then first road south after the corner
to 209 est, take it east to Rang Lemieux (which turns west) , to 202
202 est (no shoulders) to Stevenson (uphill) to Covey hill road. Turn right, west,
continue west to T at Dorea, turn north/downhill,
turn west on first concession
west a while to to Rennie
Rennie to 202 (no shoulders), where you go west,
then turn at Herdman north ( right) towards Huntingdon,
take right Gore rd to Dewittville side road,
left to Dewittville,
at dewittville, right turn (east towards Ormstown) and don't cross bridge,
go east on fairview (south side of river) to 138A in sight of Ormstown,
turn right & go one km east to Ormstown


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