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Southwest Quebec - Le Suroit 2007 cycling maps

What's a Suroit? I'm not sure but it defines the region of Quebec upriver (west) of Montreal. It includes the region of the Chateauguay Valley, the "Haut St-Laurent" (Valleyfield/Coteau), Vaudreuil-Soulanges, and up to Rigaud/Hudson. It's a quiet region on the doorstep of Montreal.

Here's some 2007 info you can use for your visit.
Come visit today.

The 2007 printed tourist guide to the Suroit has several good bike maps inside. There are maps of both on-road cycling circuits (6 circuits), and a map of the bike-path (piste cyclable) network in the region(many good locations). For vélo lovers, it's a bit of heaven close to Montreal.

Here is the link to the downloadable pdf maps page of the Suroit tourism website. I always appreciate when a tourism website includes good downloadable maps. (link) This page includes the cycling maps. (Yes!)

The website (english link) offers maps, an introduction to the multiple regions of the Suroit, brochures you can order for free, and will help you plan a visit to this beautiful and close-to-Montreal region.
The Suroît: an exceptional cycling destination...
Whether you are an amateur of cycling trails or an enthusiast of on road cycling networks, the Suroît region will have something to please you. Close to 100 kilometres of cycling trails and more than 350 kilometres of on road cycling networks await you! Moments of pure escape guaranteed!
Here is the link to the cycling information page. (Link)

Here is the paragraph from the website describing the on-road circuits:

Those who wish to get out of the beaten tracks can explore the vast backcountry land by choosing among one of our six proposed routes. Located in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area, the Mill Cycling Network (Tour of the island of Ile-Perrot: 29 km), the Mountain Cycling Network (on Mont-Rigaud: 61 km) and the Cageux Cycling Network (alongside the Outaouais River on 53 km) are all very well marked by directional signage. At the other end of the Region, in the Haut-Saint-Laurent, the Border Cycling Network (located at the most southwestern point of Quebec: 75 km), the Valley Cycling Network (alongside the Châteauguay River on 79 km) as well as the Covey Hill Cycling Network (traverses orchards and maple groves in the foothills of the Adirondacks on 69 km) all offer a real change of scenery.
In other Chateauguay Valley news, the regional IGA shopping mall in Ormstown (intersection of Rt 138 and Rt 201) has a "remote" tourist office/kiosk with brochures (with cycling maps) and phone to the main tourist Suroit office located indoors in front of the drugstore.

In the Mall parking lot you will also find a new outside sign/kiosk with multiple thematic maps. This sign is located in front of the drugstore entrance to the Mall. Good work tourist office! Make Ormstown your destination, park the car, and spend a few hours riding in heaven....

There is also a tourist office in Ste-Martine along the Rt 138 (western end of town) where the same information is available.

You can also combine cycling with canoeing along the chateauguay river. This is a great family adventure. Here is Kayak Safari in Huntingdon link.

For a good away-from-roads bike path, try the Canal Soulanges, a beautiful paved bike path along the old Canal Soulanges beside the St-Laurence river from Pointe aux Cascades (check out the free outdoor anchor museum here) past Valleyfield and to the end of the canal at Coteau du Lac, (the canal ends but the path continues west to the Ontario border). At the western end of the canal at Coteau de Lac get some snacks or food and then take a break at the lakeside Government dock (quai). You can also take a bike ferry (Link) (another link with photo) at Les Cedres to Parc iles Ste-Timothé. You can do a loop on bike paths west to valleyfield and across the Langlois bridge back to the Soulanges path.

The Mercier bridge is undergoing preparation for major reconstruction. There may be weekend traffic jams. You may wish to take the pont Champlain bridge or travel by the west island and Valleyfield. This advice is particularly relevent for returning back to Montreal after your ride.

I still don't know what a Suroit is, but I know it's a fine place to ride a bicycle.


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