Friday, May 11, 2007

Repairs needed to Christophe Colomb Path

The main North-south bike path runs along Christophe-Colomb between Cremazie and Jarry.

It is the worst section of Bike Path in all of Montreal. There are plenty of bad roads, but this is definitely the worst bike path. No one thought this out when it was built, they just painted some lines on the sidewalk, without any sort of safety or other assessment to the condition of the resulting path. Bump bumpity bump bump bump bumpBUMP ostie!

A mix of asphalt, brick, and concrete "decorating" driveway entrances, it is one bumpy, potholed P.O.S. mess.

The Villeray burrough city council had some visits by a cyclist. This person deserves a prize for making the elected representatives aware of the terrible condition of this section of one of the main bike transportation corridors in Montreal.

This cyclist believes that the new path on de Masonneuve boulevard in downtown sets a good example to how this section needing repair could be fixed.
Effet de montagnes russes causé par les entrées charretières, piste et trottoir qui se confondent, engendrant des conflits piéton/vélo : on se demande qui a accouché d'un pareil concept.
Here's a link to the article (link).

Whenever you find a bike path in need of repair, call city hall, it's their job to fix it.


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