Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Montreal Reseau vélo metropolitain map

Sometimes searching the web turns up new nuggets of information.

Here's an example: the Velo Quebec website has an ancient (from 2002!) low-detail map of the "Reseau Velo Metropolitain" proposed Montreal region (37 different municipalities to coordinate!) bike path future network development. To it's credit, this map shows the entire region.

But this McGill site has a much more recent map of the Montreal "Reseau Velo Metropolitain" bike network (map link) showing some recent proposals for bike path improvements.

This map includes the long-desired path extension along the railroad tracks between the "reseau vert" path, past Marché Central, and north to the Pont Perry train bridge crossing off the island to Laval. (on the picture it is the dashed red line passing beside Parc Jarry)

This path is a major upgrade to the Montreal bike path network. You can easily see what a major link this path will create in the Montreal bicycle path network.

It is mainly an off-street path, making it a lot more relaxing and recreational than some of the more-common on-street paths.


The new plan de transport for Montreal has identified completing this trans-island path as one of Montreal's "green transport" goals to be completed in the next seven years. Seven years, that seems like a long time, but things move sloooooooowly in Montreal's bureaucracy. What exactly have they been doing for the last seven years?, CFM wonders.

Well, better late than never.


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