Saturday, June 30, 2007

Urban Destinations ride

OK everybody, get on your bikes and starting at your front door, ride to an new urban destination.

It's also OK to start from your back door.

One of Montreal's advantages is the linear layout of the streets and it's relatively compact size. It is barely more than 15 km from north to south at the widest point.

The Gazette today featured the story of two pewople who walked from the western tip to the eastern tip of the island in one day, taking from sun-up to three minutes before sunset to complete the journey.

If only they had used bicycles, they would have taken less time and had time to stop and look at more landmarks and urban delights, and had more fun.

For many (most?) downtown dwellers, the notion of going north across the island is as foreign a notion as private health care! But it's easy, and unlike foreign health care, free!

It's free fun that's good for your health.

For the goal-oriented person, it's probably useful to have one or several destinations in mind.

Good destinations are museums, events and festivals, new neighbourhoods, and the magnificent local nature parks along the several rivers that surround the island of Montreal.

Nature Parks? Montreal has a number of great large nature parks.

To the north, not far past the end of the main north-south bike path axis (i.e. Christophe-Colombe) you will find the excellent Parc des Iles de la Visitation. Simply turn right when you reach the top of the island.

To the south, there's Parc Drapeau's islands of Ile Ste-Helene and Ile Notre Dame, and the incredible views of downtown Montreal from the west-side sidewalk of Jacques Cartier bridge.

For the more free-spirited, just get on the bike and ride a new direction. Try riding anywhere beyond your local neighbourhood. Or, dare to ride across the river and off the island.

Exploring is good for the heart and soul. You'll discover new places and see new things. There are always surprises and you will be amazed all the new things you never imagined you'd see.

You must now do two things, and do them now:
  1. Turn off the computer
  2. Go outside and ride your bike
Tomorrow: Repeat steps 1. and 2.


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