Saturday, June 30, 2007

Walking your bike

Bikes are for riding, we all know that.

But when it is appropriate to walk your bike?

When you are on the sidewalk!!!!!!!!!

There's a lot of inconsiderate, selfish, and clueless idiots in this world, and one surefire way to spot one is if they are riding their bike on a crowded sidewalk.

When on a crowded sidewalk, please walk your bike. It's the right thing to do.

How do you tell if it is crowded? Did someone have to jump out of your way? Did someone give you a dirty look. Do you hear the the word idiot shouted your way? These are all signs that you are pissing people off. Be a decent human being and walk your bike.

SInce we all know that biking is about riding, not walking, if you really have a need to ride your bike, please take the time to explore the parallel streets to the one where you are usually riding your bike on the sidewalk.

For example, many people ride on the sidewalk because riding on the road is perceived as too dangerous. If this is the case, you should explore if the street beside the one you ride on the sidewalk use is a quiet residential street.

Avenue du Park is a busy urban-autoroute where I see many bicycle rides using the sidewalk. Here there are two good options. Hutchinson is a very wide residential street one short block away from Parc that is far safer for bike riding. A few blocks east is the rue Clark bike path.

These are both much better options than riding on the sidewalk.

But what if you have an errand on the busy street and you want to ride on the sidewalk because, you know, walking is too slow.

There's only one right answer: On a crowded sidewalk, YOU MUST WALK YOUR BIKE!!!


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