Sunday, July 22, 2007

1 pm... Off to Lanaudiere for hills

La Presse recently had one of their weekly "ten things to see" article feasturing Lanaudiere. Except that they just had 6six items listed. I am sure they just ran out of space, because surely number 9 or 10 would have been the incontournable hilly road cycling in the northern half of Lanaudiere.

It's not at all clear to the public that northen Lanaudiere has another name - because it is actually "the eastern Laurentians." And it's a velo paradise. A cyclist who likes hills and scenery can't go wrong up here. (See my many other posts on Lanaudiere - search with blog search window at the very top of this page )

This means it has all kinds of great scenery an terrain, but much less crowds.

I visit here frequently to get my hills "fix." The last time I had my ride cut short due to mechanical issues, but I'm going back to finish that ride.

And it's looking like it's another crack-of-noon start (1:00 pm and all is well), so I gotta go!


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