Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Bert's back on the road

The Bertrand was in the shop to get a new headset and bottom bracket, and is back, finally, and in better shape than its been in years. Highly noticeable was a straightening of the forks. It rides straight again.

I took it for a ride, but not one of those short, in town checkout rides, I went for adventure!

I headed north but so was the entire western world, so I turned off and pursued a plan B.

So I was suddenly headed for St-Donat on the 125. It's a great road, except for St-Julienne. I stopped in Notre Dame de la Merci. I'd been here last year for my Rt 347 ride, it has only curves!

Notre Dame de Merci to St-Donat is one of the few remaining gaps in my trans-laurentian-ride project. South of Notre Dame de la Merci was virgin territory with a unique aspect: a divided highway, and through some of the finest upper-laurentian scenery possible.

This ride turned out to be a real winner. The scenery is great and there's big shoulders to ride on, perfect recipe for cycling.

I took a detour to Entrelacs, because I needed a few extra Km to get to a 80 km ride.

I finished in late, late afternoon, a great time to ride, less cars, better lighting for great photos and scenery appreciation purposes.

My "Plan B" turned out to be a really great ride.

Well, except for the flat tire.

One tiny little osti-chris-de-merde glass

I had quite a comfy set up for the repair. The tire was fixed in a mere 9 minutes


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