Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vercheres to St-Roch-de-Richelieu ride

I visited the eastern side of the Monteregie today - Between Montreal and the Richelieu river.

Heading up the 30 in the direction of Sorel-Tracey I took the exit for Vercheres, parked the car, and got on the bike.

The ride was sourced in the cycling tourism map circuits routieres Monteregie (road rides in Monteregie) , and was ride number 2 - Les fleuves.

Basically it was ride along the St Laurence from Vercheres to Contrecoeur, cross the fields to the richelieu river at St Roch de Richelieu, view the ferry there, and ride back along Rang des brules to Verchere.

Here's some pics:

Lots of old architecture in St Roch de Richelieu

And a brick church - very unusual for quebec.

The ferry between St Roch de Richelieu to St-Ours

A more traditional stone church

Madeleine de Verchères - A rifle-totin' momma!


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