Sunday, July 22, 2007

Walking your bike (on sidewalks) - part 2

I recently ranted about idiots who ride their bike on busy sidewalks.

Montreal's La Presse newspaper's feature Sunday-letter-to-the-editor was on this exact subject.

The letter writer Yves Roberge compared bicycles on busy sidewalks to snowmobiles on cross-country ski trails or Hummer's on a pedestrian walkway.

Cyclists easily travel at 5-10 times the speed of the pedestrian, and it's dangerous and stupid, and you scare the hell out of the pedestrians.

So, when are you supposed to walk your bike? When you are on a sidewalk with anyone walking on it.

I know some people are afraid to ride on the street and as a result they ride on the sidewalk. But now you've made the sidewalk dangerous. For a better alternative try a quiet sides treet. Montreal's linear street layout makes this simple and easy to do. (Now, let's NOT ride the wrong way on one-way streets)


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