Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beautiful St-Anicet-Dundee Haut St-Laurent ride

How about some Sunday flats to go with Saturday's Sutton hill-riding extravaganza?

Sounds like a plan.

I dug up my "Le Suroit tourist guide 2006-2007" and went to the bike map section. Of the six road-rides I choose the circuit around St-Anicet called "The border cycling network." Not a very spicy name, I gotta say. But the ride sounded good, and it is the farthest west corner of Quebec south of the St-Laurence river.

The ride follows the st-Laurence river bank, then goes inland and ride rolling terrain formed when the last ice-age ended, 15,000 years ago. There are great views of the most northern of the Adirondack mountains. Did you know that these mountains are an extension of the Canadian Shield?

At the farthest-west point of the ride is the end/start of the Rt 132, at the Dundee customs. Riding back east was scenic with great views of foothills and many quiet country roads. A pure delight.

There were many sights along the way, not least was the very different-looking church in St-Anicet. There was also a functional Iroqois fort!

Conclusion, a scenic ride with a modest 75 km distance. A good recovery ride, the start is located about 100 km and 90 minutes from Montreal via Valleyfield. Recommended.

Where is St-Anicet?

Located in south-western Quebec between the St-Laurence river and the Adirondack mountains of New York state, USA.

Here is the ride map from the Le Suroit Tourist Guide:

A great ride, it exceeded my expectations in every way!


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