Friday, August 10, 2007

Cycling the Chateauguay Valley

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The region around the Chateauguay River and Covey Hill is one of the nicest places for bike rides and tours in Quebec. And it is conveniently close to Montreal.

The downside: the ongoing construction on the Mercier bridge. I suggest these two alternatives. Take Autoroute 20 to (Salaberry de) Valleyfield and Rt 201 to Ormstown. Or, Take Champlain bridge and Autoroute 30 to Chateauguay, and Rt 138 to Ormstown.

Please take special care if you are following the Suroit road cycling map. This map suggests taking Rt 201 from Ormstown to St-Antoine-Abbé. This section of road is dangerous. It is very busy, has no paved shoulder, and the road edge is in poor condition. Take either north-south road to the east (i.e. via St-Pierre) or west (Rockburn to Dewittville) and you will be on magnificent and quiet country roads, the kinds of roads that you came here to find. I cannot understand how the mapmakers selected Rt 201 for cycling. Well, I suspect they never visited the area when they made the map. Clue: Rt 201!!!

Aside from this little problem, the suroit bike maps are another excellent way to discover the country roads of the valley.

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Ride Safe!

Villages and other landmarks include: Ormstown, Howick, Huntingdon, Rockburn, Dewitville, Allan's Corners, The Rock, Franklin, St-Antoine-abbe, Powerscourt, Athelstan, Herdman, Brysonville, Tullochgorum, St-Pierre, Ste-Martine, Havelock, Covey hill, Hemmingford, Aubrey, Riverfield, Georgetown, Ridge road, first concession, Trout River, Malone, Chateaugay, Haut st-laurent, Chicken Valley Ranch, CVR, Ormstown beach, battle of the chateauguay, Valleyfield, seaway, canal, the fair, apples, apple orchards, and lots and lots of cows. Moo!


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