Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Northest" Northern Lanaudiere Ride

St-Emilie-de-L'Energie to St-Michel-des-Saints

Northern Lanaudiere (eastern Laurentians) - civilization's northern boundary

Plan A: St-Emilie de l'Energie to St-Michel-des-Saints (100km roundtrip)
Optimistic plan B: Continie to entrance for Parc Tremblant (50 km more)


Northern Lanaudiere.

Go North to the most North in Lanaudiere: St-Michel des Saints.

In a previous episode, I rode as far north as St-Emilie de L'Energie.

Tomorrow, head north - to the end of the road!

Then turn around and ride downhill, because this road will go downhill, and downhill, and downhill.

No ride is complete without a longer option, so if things are going good, I will continue to the St-Michel-des-Saints entrance to Parc Tremblant provincial park.

The distance of the first stage is 50 km, and the option is 25 km, so the entire ride will be 100 or 150 km. This is an out and back ride: I will be returning on the same roads as I rode north.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: I had a great 120 km ride. St-Emilie de l'Energie to St-Zenon to St-Michel-des-Saints, and part of the way to the Parc entrance. I turned around when my tire popped off the rim. Ooops. Bang!

The ride along the Rt 131 from St-Emilie de l'Energie to St-Zenon to St-Michel-des-Saints is excellent, with full paved shoulder for 100% of the 50 km distance between these three towns.

St-Zenon - at 500 m it's "La Summit de Lanaudiere"

Rest stop "with-a-view" in St-Zenon

A lighthouse, in the northern laurentians?

Rt 131 often followed rivers and lakes

The first descent of the route north - a good one!


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