Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sutton Loop - Southern Quebec's most beautiful ride

Owls Head around sunset

I just got back from a loop around the Sutton Mountains in Quebec's Eastern Townships (Cantons de l'est), and this is the most scenic ride I've done in a while. And I've done a lot!

I parked at the rest stop on Rt 243 beside South Bolton, at the start of the Bolton Pass.

The ride details are:

  • Bolton Pass to Knowlton (Lac Brome) (very scenic)
  • Knowlton to Sutton vis Chemin Echo (very scenic)
  • Sutton to Glen Sutton via Chemin Scenic & Chemin de la vallĂ©e Mississquoi(very scenic)
  • Glen Sutton to Mansonville in mississiquoi river valley(very scenic)
  • 6 km out-and-back Covered Bridge (Pont de la Frontiere)(very scenic)
  • Mansonville to Owls head vis chemin Vale Perkins(very scenic)
  • Detour 2 km out-and-back to lake Memphremagog dock and beach(very scenic)
  • North along Chenmin de Lac with views of Orford(very scenic)
  • Back to car via Bolton Centre and South Bolton

Frankly, a bike ride doesn't get better than this.

Covered bridge near Mansonville

The ride length was around 100-110 km. I think it would be around 75-80 if you went directly north from Mansonville to South Bolton on the 243(?).

If you wanted a really short and flat ride with really maximum scenery, I'd suggest riding from Mansonville to the US border on Chemin Missisiquoi. It follows the river valley, directions are completely simple, and the scenery: about as good as it gets! And don't forget to do the short side trip to the Mansonville covered bridge ("pont de la frontiere") because here is the best scenic vista in southern Quebec.

The Route:

Blue dots: the route
Red Dots: the two short side trips
green X - starting point/car parking at "halte"


At 11:17 PM, Blogger Bridget Perry-Gore said...

Sounds like a great ride. What is the total distance?


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