Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A short ride on Ontario's 1000 Islands Parkway

Two of the 1000 Islands

I did a quick one hour ride at the start of Ontario's 1000 island parkway on sunday.

It was right after a rain shower, so wet roads, puddles, and you know what that means if you don't have a fender.

There was a bike path separate from the roadway, which was good because the roadway had no paved shoulders (tsk, tsk.)

The bike path was two unmarked lanes wide, bumpy, and not a place that anyone would call a great cycling experience.

I rode 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back, from the Casino to Ivy Lea. It was my second section biking the terrain between Toronto and the Quebec border. I will, bit by bit, try to find some great places along here. However, I prefer to cycle Quebec, it's 74% better.

Bon Echo cliff from ACC boat

I was returning from spending the weekend doing rock climbing at Bon Echo cliff near Kingston in Ontario.

This cliff is located not just near a lake, not just beside a lake, but it is actually located IN the lake!

Climbers, Rock, and Lake

My weekend tally was four climbs: Boris's Route, Womb at the Top, Front Side of the Pinnacle, and Birthday Ridge. This last one was done with a seven year old, his tenth ascent of the route.


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