Wednesday, November 21, 2007

East-west bike paths in Montreal

OK, we all know that the new de Maisonneuve bike path goes east west through downtown Montreal.

On the west side of town it hooks up to an existing seasonal path at Green Avenue. You can continue west here to Westmount, NDG, and points beyond.

But what about to the east? (this is a story about the east)

The de Maisonneuve path ends at Berri. but the Rene Levesque path starts at Berrie, a mere couple of blocks south of the east-end of the de Maisonneuve path. Conveniently the north-south Berri street bike path connects the two (and much more!)

The boulevard Rene Levesque path goes to de Lormier, where, under the Pont Jacques Cartier bridge, it zig-zags through the intersection over to the north side of the street, and then goes east along Notre Dame for miles and miles, and ultimately to the east end of the island, and using the Route Verte/Chemin du Roi, to all the way to Quebec City!

Since that's too far for most people, turn north at the Big O area and ride north (along bike path of course) to the Big O, through Parc Maisonneuve, and north to St-Zotique, which has a bike path, and takes you back west, and you can catch the bike path south that will eventually become the Berri path just after Parc Lafontaine via Cherrier. (You could also come back via Rachel bike path at intersection of Rachel and Pie-IX/Sherbrooke (Rachel is angled street north of Sherbrooke)


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. Very helpful. I am new to biking and was looking for bike paths other than the one along the Lachine canal.


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