Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The future of Quebec Cycling Tourism

It's predicted that "adventure" tourism activities like cycling holidays will experience major growth in the near future.

Quebec has been doing all the right things in setting up local, regional, and provincial cycling infrastructure.

For example, To explore locally, we have numerous urban and municipal bike path networks. Regional bike paths give opportunities to explore Quebec on the bike path or the open road. The Route Verte network ties them all together and fills in any missing sections of path to create a complete provincial-wide cycling network.

What are your ideas to improve Quebec cycling tourism? What would you change? What would you say is our major attraction? What is our cycling tourism "Brand?" Is it the Route Verte? What do you you love the most about bicycling in Quebec?

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To educate yourself, you can google "Quebec Cycling Tourism." (it's easy: click here)

The bad news is that if you google "Quebec cycling holiday" (link) you get.... 5 links. Hello?

Anyway... the cycling network is built, let's use and enjoy it, and we sure do welcome any tourists who want to explore North America's best destination for cycling!


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