Friday, November 16, 2007

Going on a cycling trip? Here's a checklist

Whenever my friend sid comes with me for a bike ride, a hike, skiing, etc, he always, always, forgets something. Always! I'm still waiting for my q-d pants to be mailed back to me since the Mont Megantic trip in October. He had bought boots and gloves on his drive there, because he forgot those too!

I sent him a checklist, but apparently not quite good enough. (Who knew he'd forget pants!)

Moral of the story? Checklists are good.

Where are you going to find one for your next trip?

Canada's Mountain Equipment Co-op (aka MEC, M-E-C, or the Co-op) has a webpage full of checklists for people going on trips.

They have a checklist for bike touring. It is a good starting point if you are packing to go on a bike trip in the south this winter.

I've never gone on a winter bike trip in the south, but if anyone wants to sponsor me or send me on a trip to write about it...


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