Saturday, November 17, 2007

Software repairs

Need software repairs ? de Fil en Montagne to the rescue!

Software doesn't just mean computer programs, it also means the opposite of hardware: clothing and backpacks and stuff like that.

Modern software is completely amazing. Materials like nylon, spandex, polyesters, and goretex, and polar fleece garments and bags make life, well, almost perfect.

But nothing lasts forever, and occasionally repairs are needed. Zippers fail, fabric cuts rips or tears, there's even a need for cool custom modifications!

But, where are you going to go to get repairs and mods done? Sure, you can take the hassle of a warranty claim on the lifetime guarantee on some ten year old bag or coat, but can you find the original bill? Heck no, that's hassle-city.

For an easy local solution to your fabric repairs and custom modifications, I recommend de Fil en Montagne, hidden away on Marie-Anne street just west of beautiful St-Hubert.

I've used then for years, and am usually very happy with the result. I've just had a half dozen items repaired or modified, and am again happy.

The next thing I'm doing there is to renew and add some additional reflective material on my fluoro-green MC cycling jacket from 1993.


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