Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Bikely bike maps

I have made some Bikely maps of some of the climbs featured in the Quebec's Automne 2007 Velo Mag magazine feature on great Charlevoix road-bike climbs written by Pierre Bouchard.

These are the GREAT charlevoix road-bike hill climbs. It's Quebec's most beautiful region. It's Quebec's hilliest region. It's Quebec's best summer holiday region. It's where the mountains hit the river.

These three are all straight up a single hill, the hill being the 300 metre high (1000ft) hillside between the St-Laurence river and the road on the top.

St-Joseph de la Rive is where we stayed for summer vacation last year, and we liked it a lot.

The climbs I mapped are:

Cote des Eboulements
(St-Joseph de la Rive UP to Les Eboulements) - 18%
Cote a Godin ou.. Misere (St-Joseph de la Rive UP to Rt 138) - 20%
Cote-de-Petite-Riviere (Petite-Riviere-Sainte-Francois UP to Rt 138)

Here are all my bikely routes (link)

NOTE: Bikely can be flakey, their servers seem to get easily overloaded. Persistence can be useful.


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