Thursday, December 27, 2007

De Maisonneuve bike path finally cleaned - 10 days after storm!

Montreal promised to clean the snow off the de Maisonneuve boulevard bike path during the winter. They just didn't promise to do it promptly.

The Gazette reports that the path was used as a snow dump for the two weeks after the most recent blizzard.

Thanks Ville de Montreal, and the colossally incompetent politicians and city snow-cleaning bureaucrats!

Perhaps the city could at least priortise the cleaning of the sidewalks so those of us who actually use public transport can actually get to the bus stop and metro station without risking death?

I shoveled a footpath the full-length of my block that was the only alternative to walking on the street. This was used for a full WEEK until the city finally cleared my street. And I do not live on a tiny side street.


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