Friday, January 04, 2008

Everybody deserves great sox!

I exchanged a accidently duplicated giftmas present for 5 pairs of socks, and happily four of them are cycling socks.

I had only one pair and it died a couple of years ago. I have some ankle height socks but they are for other activities and are thicker than I liked for summer cycling in snug cycling shoes.

I got four types of socks which are assorted thicknesses, fibres, and cuff height. Ideally I se which ones I like, and ask for them for next year.

All the socks have one thing in common, they are black or dark grey.

The reason for this? to wipe dirty fingers after a roadside adjustment or repair of some sort.

Trust me, it happens, and not always to your own bike!

Happy 2008 everybody!


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