Monday, February 25, 2008

New Camera

This is the missing bridge from my epic Prevost to Chertsey ride, the replacement is bridge is a lot better than arriving there last autumn to find no bridge!! Read about more epic rides from this post on our most EPIC-ADVENTURE rides of 2007.

I like to take photographs, the first thing I ever bought with money I earned myself was a camera.

For several months my digital camera was broken, likely as a result of it falling out of it's camera bag when road biking. It had been suggesting it had some problems for several months, and then died in December.

Don't be sad, this means I had to replace it. and just got a new one that is better in every way, including a wider angle lens to capture even more of the action on the fun bike rides I write about here in the Cycle Fun Montreal Blog.

I tested it out at the Foret Ouareau snowshoe trip and I can say with confidence that the blog is better because of the pictures!


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