Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yeti year-end sale up to 70% off.

I wait for this day every year because of gloves. The disappear. They get thinner and colder. They get holes in them.

It is time to renew your gloves at the glove and tuque section of the Yeti store where all x-c gloves are 50% off. Half price. A truely excellent bargain and x-c gloves and mitts and tuques and headbands work perfectly well on the bike too.

I also recently rented 8 pairs of snowshoes from this store for a hike I guided for my coworkers - it was everyone's first ever cross-country night-time snowshoe winter hike up parc Mont Royal. Everyone but me, because I already knew the best secret in Montreal: snowshoeing up the mountain and along the escarpment trail at night. The snowshoes were MSR Denali, and these snowshoes work great. For around $13.50 you can go there tomorrow after work, rent the shoes, and go for an adventure hike of your own.

Explore your world. Explore your winter. And... big news last week: there is now daylight after 6pm... which means that summer has officially started! (editor's note: summer has NOT officially started.)

Take care and have some fun everybody!


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