Monday, April 14, 2008

Chicago's Rapid Trasit Cycleshop blog

We recommend you head upriver from Montreal, all the way to Chicago, and read the ChicagoBikeBlog from the Rapid Transit Cycleshop.

It has some good reading on different aspects the whole cycling thing. And not yer old elite racer thing, but practical stuff for everybody.

Highly recommended.


True Story: We were at the Oratoire St-Joseph Oratory one beautiful summer day enjoying the excellent views to the west in the late day sunset period. An asian couple who were clearly foreign tourists came next to us and also enjoyed the view. I turned to the man, pointed to the west and said, "Chicago."

He looked, then looked at me and said "Chicago, USA."

I looked back at him, nodding my head affirmatively, and said "Chicago, USA."

To this day we wonder if he got back in his car with his wife and said, "Let's go see Chicago, this man told me it's right over there.


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