Wednesday, April 09, 2008

City to make some bike-friendly-city announcements shortly

André Lavallée is the Montreal's executive committee member in charge of transportation.
Lavallée promised major announcements in the next two weeks that will pave the way to a more bike-friendly metropolis.

"Look at Paris (which is undergoing a cycling revolution), where they use the same types of incentives," he said.

"Seven years ago, nobody rode bikes in Paris. You have to change the mindsets."


Let's wait and see how much is recycled news of the existing expansion plans and how much is actually "new" news.

Any development of the cycling path infrastructure is going to be good news.

Last year after the publicity cycle for the city's plan's to expand the bike path network, I noticed tenders in the paper for building and painting bike paths on certain city streets and arteries. My guess is that these tenders are ready and the city will announce actual new routes to be in use this year. I'd say "in use shortly," but that's not how government works!

My guess for one such route is for Cote-Ste-Catherine road gets the painted bike path lane treatment.


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