Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring flatland ride - Ormstown!

Spring meals we cycling types like to get out on the open road, and in the spring, we look for flat land rides, in places where the option to go longer or shorter is easily available. An ideal location for this is the Ormstown-Huntingdon area along the Chateauguay River up tp Powerscourt, and along the US-Canada border.

We have one important suggestion: avoid the numbered highways, and we mean especially the Rt 138 and 201. These do not have shoulders, and are not safe for bikes. Both of these have quiet back roads paralleling these highways, across the river for the Rt 138, and at Dewittville or Alan's corners for the Rt 201.

If you enter the word Ormstown in the search box above, you will get maps and ride reports for this area from our visits here in the past.

Have a great 2008 everybody!


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