Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A trip to the South Shore and the famous spiral overpass

The Longueuil spiral bike overpass - a key bicycle transportation link

We took an after-work ride across the Pont Jacques Cartier bridge to Longueuil and went as far as the spiral overpass that crosses the railroad tracks. On the other side of the overpass is the bike path to St-Hubert and Chambly, a great after-work destination and an excellent weekend day trip for anyone.

Certain parts of this ride were excellent, but one part that isn't is the section of Route Verte bike path that connects the Spiral Overpass to the streets in Longueuil. It is a dirt/rockdust bike path and has all the worst characteristics that a rockdust path can have: deep ruts, deep footprint holes, wet sections, soft sections that cause your front wheel to sink or otherwise make bike riding dangerous. It's less than a kilometre, but it's one of the worst kilometers of bike path in Quebec.

'Nuff said; it needs to be fixed. Happily, the section of bike path just north of it that connects it to the street is freshly rebuilt, so I have hope that this section will be rebuilt also. Because this is an excellent ride and overall the bike path is excellent.


In other news, this is the 400th Cycle Fun Montreal blog post. (And we're about to get visitor #5000)


Cycling is fun, Montreal is fun, Blogging... is sorta fun.

Anyway, We've had a huge amount of fun in our lives riding around on bicycles and we hope you have enjoyed reading some of the stories and adventures we have had.

We are a firm believer that riding bicycles is a good thing for the planet, a good thing for our physical and mental well being, and is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. (And the bicycle is a BETTER invention than sliced bread.)

Oh, and we believe that Montreal and the province of Quebec are one of the best places to go for a bicycle ride, trip, vacation... as long as it's not winter!

For those of you from far away, today Wednesday April 16, is about the FIRST REALLY WARM DAY OF SPRING!

Tomorrow: shorts for the first time.

Woohoo! Spring is here, winter is gone, life is great!


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