Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mont Tremblant area - Riviere Rouge ride

It's vacation, and it's not raining, so it's time to leave the city and do a beauty ride. Where to go? We are thinking of repeating the Riviere Rouge ride near Mont Tremblant.

Leaving the
village of Tremblant is always a good idea, head from tourist office west and turn near Riviere rouge and ride north to village with strange bridge, with dock in middle and great wood sculpture. Cross here and ride south along rouge river, and country side, ride back north along river. Great hills, scenery, and covered bridge and with optional crazy hill at end. This is touches the Pays en Haut area. Optional extension to make Arundel southern turning point. Check the strange train at Arundel post office.

Here are links to the blog posts from the first and second times we did this ride. This report
(link) has pictures and this one was when I lost my car keys (link.)!

Full report --WITH PICTURES--when I get back!


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