Thursday, May 22, 2008

Returning to Coaticook area (this time no lightning please)

Last summer's southwest Quebec near Coaticook ride was great in every way, even the nonstop lightning storm at the end of the day was... exciting!

We're doing a repeat on Saturday, and sunshine is forecast, no thunder and lighting. This is a good thing.

Go here to read last year's ride report. It was quite an excellent epic adventure in an amazing place. It's also one of our favorite photo-reports of a ride.

The landscape is very Vermont-like, which makes sense since Coaticook is just across the border from Vermont, and it's excellent "northeast kingdom" area.

This time we're going back with Sid, who joined us for last year's Frelighsburg - Joy Hill -Richford-Montgomery ride, an excellent international ride with amazing views.


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