Thursday, June 12, 2008

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The recent Quebec law banning hand held cell phones is having an effect. We see very few people holding a cell phone while driving.

This is a big change from before this law came into effect, when every third driver was holding a phone to their ear while pretending to safely drive a car .

This new law has to make the streets that cars and bikes share just a little safer. We are still waiting for official statistics, but close personal observation sees very few people holding a phone to their ear.

Paying close attention to the act of driving (or walking or bicycling) is of critical importance!

Now go outside in the summer air and enjoy life! Do it now. Stop sucking your brains out your eyeballs! See the real world. Go to the park. Climb Mont Royal, go to old montreal or the old port, ride north the very few miles to Laval (this is actually quite a lot better than driving to Laval!)


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