Saturday, June 28, 2008

Parc Avenue bike path's south end extended to Prince Arthur

The new bike path along avenue du Parc south of Rachel has been extended along Hutchinson as far south as Prince Arthur street.

The path had ended abruptly at hutchinson and pine but some paint has been bought and applied to the road to create a two-way bike path on a one-way street. The with-traffic direction has arrows, the against-traffic direction has a painted bike lane.


So of course when I was checking this out I saw a few of the with-traffic cyclists riding in the against-traffic bike lane and forcing cyclists there to do crazy near-death things!

Simple lesson on how bike paths work: stay on the side of traffic with the arrows in your direction!

The same problem occurs on Clark bike path south of Laurier.

Of course, the real problem is idiots, a situation where we have a serious surplus.


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