Friday, June 27, 2008

Run down by cyclists

We walked to get our CSA farm basket last night. We pass the Clark street bike path. Idiot on a strange scooter-bicycle concoction ignores the stop sign and almost runs into us, missing us by inches.

When will civisime become part of cycling like (for instance) not smoking indoors has become?

When riding your bicycle and you come up to a stop sign and a crosswalk with people crossing the street, you STOP for them. You don't play "chicken" and try to run them down or make then jump out of the way.

We blame all of this on the use in quebec of graphic road signs so we never see the word "yield" in our society, and consequently we never yield. Well, a few dummies cause the most problems, and we hope you don't run people down. Or if you do, take a moment to consider changing this behaviour...


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