Friday, July 18, 2008

Back from...

We have returned from 5 days in the Bas St-Laurent (lower St-Laurence river) region based around Trois Pistoles.

Some of the activites and sights were: (excellent ones have a star *)

Trois Pistoles
Bic provincial park *
Ile Verte and taxi-boat to L'Isle Verte *
Reford Gardins in Grand Metis *
Rimouski boardwalk
Route des Navigateurs (Rt 138) from Islet to Grand Metis *
Kamouraska *
St-Andre *
St-Fabien sur Mer (wow) *
St-Denis sur Mer
Miniature boat museum in Riviere du Loup *
Wooden sculpture musuem in St Jean Port Joli
Pointe aux Pere's lighthouse *
Ile Verte lighthouse * (first one on St-Laurence)
Maritime musuem in Islet
Domaine Joly de Lotbiniere gardens
A Chrysler Airflow in Trois Pistoles museum *
Trois Pistoles Quai
Notre dame des neiges church in Trois Pistoles *
and probably some stuff we forgot we visited.

Photos and some babbling to come.


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