Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Next big ride

Satellite pic of the Mauricie river ride

We thought we'd try to explore a bit farther away and the Mauricie region north of Trois Rivieres fits the bill.

This ride along the Mauricie river and eastwards attracted our interest. Here's the Bikely map (and here is the link to the map at Bikely.com)

A new ride? Sounds like a plan.

The ride description says:

Un enchantement. Remonter le cours du St-Maurice de Grandes-Piles à St-Roch. Descendre à St-Tite en pleine forêt. Rejoindre Ste-Thècle à travers champs. Gagner Hérouxville par vallons et vallés. Wow!

Tagged with: Recreational, Onroad, Intermediate, Rural, Scenic

The map's author is Veloshawinigan. This person has created quite a few bike rides on Bikely. Click here to go to a list of Veloshawinigan's bike ride maps.


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